Curvemotion, Bury St Edmunds

Curvemotion is a purpose built childrens play facility which features a large climbing area, slides and a skating ring. Working with local contractor, Bury Developments, Mac Marney Refrigeration and Heat Pump Air Conditioning installed air conditioning and mechanical heat recovery ventilation meeting the client restricted timescale.

The play centre is located within three business units which have been merged to form one large open area. The building features an exposed structure and due to the height of the climbing frame, the units had to be hung on wires. This had to be adchieved with a high level of accuracy to ensure the units remain still when starting.

With high demands for both heating, heating the space before building opens, and cooling, once the building is oocupied with lots of playing children. The heating and cooling is provided by sixteen Daikin Cassette units connected as pairs to the condenser units mounted along the rear of the building. To efficiently provide fresh air to the space, Daikin VAM units, extract the heat from the stale air and use it to warm the incomming fresh air.

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